It all started from a sketch. A Finnish guy, a true entrepreneur at heart. Awhile back, he drew a few lines on a notepad, while daydreaming of a perfect shoe. Maybe because he just hadnʼt found one - yet. Donʼt get him wrong, there sure were a few ones he liked, but they all seemed to miss something - the WOW!


Well, no one seemed to show any interest to his drawings, or that's what he thought. "Just stupid drawings, not worth to have a look at”, he said. This was until three of his friends came across, and had a sneak peak. One by one, fluffy thoughts escalated to concrete ideas, and dreams were swiftly rationalized to reality. A mess in his head, the feeling in his heart and the stupid drawings were changing into a crystalized plan. 


Risky? Sure as hell, but just crazy enough for them all to put their heads and hearts together and hit the ground running. They soon realized they were a united quartet, constantly challenging each other from fashion and design details, and repetitively debating about business decisions with unstoppable passion. Yes. Passion, that was the combining force they all had as one. A bit of passion and creativity squeezed to an endless stream of Finnish entrepreneurship. Thatʼs something that just screams to be unchained and released. With these words weʼd like to bring you a state-of-art sneakers that represent us andour dreams and has an element of your design as well.